Caltrans has launched a Learning Network to support implementation of the sidebar4Smart Mobility Framework. The objectives of the Learning Network are to:

  • Educate public agency staff about the Smart Mobility Framework and its application to transportation and land use planning activities
  • Develop and strengthen strategic partnerships between Caltrans and other agencies
  • Provide opportunities for discussion among participants in order to share challenges, opportunities, and successes, and to foster collaboration and partnerships
  • Identify ways that Caltrans Headquarters staff can further assist with implementation of the Smart Mobility Framework

As practiced by Caltrans, Smart Mobility refers to a comprehensive strategy aimed at moving people and freight while enhancing California’s economic, environmental, and human resources. Smart Mobility emphasizes convenient and safe multimodal travel, speed suitability, accessibility, management of the circulation network, and efficient use of land. It meets the State’s transportation needs while addressing climate change, advancing social equity and environmental justice, supporting economic and community development, and reducing per capita vehicles miles travelled. Smart Mobility supports Senate Bill 375 and Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) implementation.